Welcome to Tarween Taxidermy


Mark Burrows

Taxidermy for me has been part of my life in some form or another for as long as I can remember. I started mounting my own game over 40 years ago and this quickly evolved into a hobby that was directly connected to my other passion of bowhunting. In 2014 I sold a business that was my prime earner and took up taxidermy full time.

I have watched, worked and trained with several taxidermists over the years and continue to strive to improve and modernize all that I do. My ambition is to do the best Taxidermy that I can and produce the best mounts I can possibly produce and I am always happy to try anything the customer may require. 

Game head taxidermy is what I do but I also specialize in small mammal full body mounts such as foxes, small deer, hares, rabbits and other small game.